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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A 6 year olds perspective on what's going on.

  • My sister woke up this morning so concerned with what was going on in japan, which led to this conversation.
  • Me: Why are you up so early?
  • Her: What in the world? Did you not hear about the tsunami?
  • Me: I did. I know. It's horrible.
  • Her: Heck yes it is. We need to buy sushi as soon as the sushi place opens.
  • Me: Huh? Why?
  • Her: Oh my goodness. Do i need to explain everything for you?
  • Me: Yeah. I don't understand why we need to buy sushi?
  • Her: It's because when you buy something japanese the money goes to japan. or could I send my piggy bank to someone in japan? they need it more then I do. I'll even send them my floaties. I don't need any of it. Why did this happen to japan? they never did anything wrong.
  • Me: That's just the way mother nature works.
  • Her: Well where's father nature? I'm sure he's gonna be mad at mother nature. She's hurting her kids. She's a mean mom.
  • Me: She's not really a mom, thats just what people call it.
  • Her: Whatever. Whoever this nature lady is, is a pain in the butt. She's always hurting people. Tell her go to mars, and nature herself over there.
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Don’t worry. She’s prettier, she’s funnier, she’s thinner. I wouldn’t choose me either.

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Cuna Zacky

I love the cereal guy!





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Friday, March 11, 2011

It’s not the end of the world. It’s clearly our wake up call to finally save the world from total destruction.





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Let us pray for the world…

Let us pray for the world…

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It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, etc. or even an atheist, we can all pray for the world.


Stay safe everyone. :* :)

Maybe if we respected the Earth a bit more, the Earth will respect us too :)

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